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The Scourge of Substance Abuse

  Self-medication through the use of psychoactive substances, including alcohol, is a serious and growing problem in societies around the world. The current methods of dealing with the treatment of substance abuse rarely identifies the underlying driving factors, some of which should be blindingly obvious, but are typically overlooked. Why are they overlooked? Simply because …

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The keys to positive relationships

How we interact with other people is fraught with dangers and complications, which actually cause relationships to fail far more than they success. We have a common perception that our relationships, be they personal or organisational, should work in a particular way. Most often, they don’t. And this begs the question of “why?” Relationships only …

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Handling Grief and Loss

  Grief at the passing of a loved one, a pet, or even the loss of a life circumstance, can be devastating at the best of times. Grief can even surround an event that happens to someone else where you have an emotional, ethical or values connection with that event. Such trauma brings with it …

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Sources of Stress

The sources of STRESS See also Grief – Cause and Effect Almost anything can cause stress levels to increase and to cause anxieties about the future, but the trigger events must be in memory before the mind can produce a negative outcome. Let me explain. We can only create anxiety if we are comparing a …

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